With NAR as the strategic partner, the Real Estate Information Center, Real Estate Sales and Marketing; Thailand Real Estate Broker; and Thai Real Estate Associations have joined hands to organize the 3rd International Realtor Conference: Asia-Pacific, the Engine for Global Growth which is to be held in-conjunction with the Home Builder and Home Buyers Expo during 17th – 22st August, 2017 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand.

Real Estate Information Center (REIC)
The Ministry of Finance (MOF) developed a policy to establish National Real Estate Information Center (NREIC).  Based on the results of a feasibility study, the MOF conducted with the World Bank, the Thai Cabinet approved the Real Estate Information Center’s (REIC) formation, with the Government Housing Bank playing a leading role in its initial operations.  The Real Estate Information Center (REIC) was established by a Thai cabinet resolution on August 17, 2004 and commenced its operations on August 25, 2004 as part of GHB and supervised by its own Board of Directors.
The REIC’s  five major missions are: 
1.Becoming the most recognized and reliable Thai Real Estate Information Center. 
2.Developing research, analysis and forecasting capabilities through the effective use of reliable Real Estate Data.
3.Developing tools and indicators that reliably forecast the Thai property markets demand, supply and price levels.
4.Regularly disseminating Real Estate Information to the public.
5.Becoming a Real Estate Industry consulting center and knowledge base.(Read more...)

The Real Estate Sales and Marketing Association (RESAM)
RESAM is a professional association established with the purpose of organizing, representing and professionalizing the real estate profession in Thailand through seminars, training courses and educational lectures. (Read more...)

Thai Real Estate Association (TREA)
TREA's mission is to be the link between public and private sectors in the real estate business. It aims to forge sustainable relationship amongst its members, provide up-to-date information and statistics for the benefit of membership and the general public.  (Read more...)

Thailand Real Estate Broker Association (TREBA)
TREBA is a real estate brokers' association in Thailand, established since 1993.  Its primary objective is to promote higher standard of practice amongst all real estate agencies, especially the new comers.  Another objective is to create better public understanding on the benefits of using the services.  (Read more...)